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from a one man studio in Mesa, Arizona.

Hi! I'm Steve, a real life coding ninja, freelance web developer, and all around amazing guy residing in Mesa, Arizona.

I was always the one that had been the programmer and go to guy working behind the scenes at the big companies for the majority of my professional career up until recently when I decided to ditch my 9-5 job. I am now out on my own working as a pure freelance programmer.

What I know
jQuery & javascript
MySql & SQL

Here is some of my work.

Skate Park

Directory listing of skate parks in the US. My work was implementing the back end admin system for the website.

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Advanced Mechanical Technologies

This was an entire site redesign, with additional components built for a dynamic model/quote generator. Site also features a back end system to manage content.

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Post Modern

One of the main developers working on the ilyk custom system. QR Codes, RFID, and custom Touch Devices on this project

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Structure Hub

Site for architects to showcase their various works, by giving them a simple and free admin panel to create their own web portfolio.

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